Social Media for public displays

A public display network where you can share content and influence what will be presented.
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Create a displr profile and use the displays as if they were yours too!


Check-in at a displr place so the display can take your preferences into account and to be able to interact with the display content.


You can publish posters in order to put your content on the display network and be shown on the relevant places.


You can choose pins to indicate the channels you want to see on the displays of the places you visit. We have channels of sports, news, culture and many other amazing themes.


Some of the displr applications have interactive components which you can access through the displr mobile application.

displr places

On displr, we think big but we know that we have to start small. As such, for now, our services are only available in Portugal, more precisely in the cities of Braga and Guimarães. On this stage, our main goal is to develop and further refine our service concept and business model. In the second quarter of 2014 we will begin the second stage of our project and displr will become a global service.