Social Media

for Public Displays

Public displays for a more efficient communication with your customers

Would you like to know more about Displr and its potential for your business?

No need for expensive media production. Applications will always be showing the content that is more relevant for your venue and for your customers.


You decide how much and when you control the display. With smart media selection, applications can keep on running with updated, interactive and relevant content without you having to spend time on media management.


Create engaging experiences by allowing your customers to use their smartphone to interact with any media on your display or even to share their own media.

Use your display as an effective engagement tool

Large digital displays are very powerful vehicles for in-venue communication. Use them in an effective way and put your business one step ahead with sophisticated engagement strategies.

Make every customer visit an engagement opportunity

Don't let them go without nothing! Turn your venue unique and create unforgetable experiences. Pass a key message, surprise customers and know more about their preferences.