Companies: Displr

“We spend much of our new life surrounded by screens: smartphones, tablets, computers... It was thinking about it that was born the featured company of this week, Displr”

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New Business: Displr

“Displr, a company that aims to transform the role of public displays.”

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Portuguese technology on the road to United States

“Four portuguese startups have been selected to participate in the latest initiative of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, launched in March, the inRes – Entrepreneurship in Residence, which includes a six-week acceleration program.”

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Displr: The first worldwide social media service for public displays

“All displayed contents on a Displr screen are social objects designed to allow different ways of interaction. Through the mobile application, users can see more information about these contents, comment , collect or even re-distribute them.”

Science and Technology: Displr

“Displr, a company born at University of Minho, wants to harness the potential of the displays that exist on public spaces. The idea is to transform these panels into a new communication medium in which users can create and publish content almost for free. This solution can be availed even by a small store or a school.”

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Business and Companies: Displr

“Displr is already selling in Portugal, with closed deals with customers, particularly with high schools and universities, and the goal is to start the activitie, with or without partners, also outside of the country.”

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A Communications Medium for the 21st Century

“Today’s public displays effectively disappear: people have become so accustomed to their low utility that they ignore them. However, researchers on the FET-funded PD-NET project believe that public displays of the 21st century should not disappear. Instead, displays should become the backbone of a new global communications medium.”

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