Displr is the most effective way to create engaging digital experiences at your venue. You get a unique display concept that can be tailored to your specific needs and runs with minimal management effort. Displr combines the capabilities of screen displays and smartphones to create an interactive media space that will help you to communicate with your guests where it matters the most: your own venue.
Although it is a flexible product and applicable to a diverse set of segments, Displr has specific applications and value propositions, duly tested and continuously adapting to its customers’ needs.
Displr was launched in Portugal in 2015 and has been growing quickly. There are already many dozens of Displr spots where users of our mobile app can benefit from direct access to the media published on the displays.

Technology and Support

The Displr installation needs some kind of screen/projector, an computer and Internet connection (preferably by cable). The installation is simple enough to be done by someone with basic technical knowledge. Click here for more information about installing Displr.
The Displr team strongly recommends that the computer chosen to run Displr has the following minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (x86 or x64) or Linux (x64 only)
Browser: Latest version of Google Chrome
Disk: At least 10 GB of free space
CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz
RAM: 4Gb
Internet connectivity: At least 1 Mbps (download)
Yes. Long as you keep a unique scheduling and your venue has an available video infrastructure, Displr can be used on an unlimited number of screens. If you don’t have video infrastructure, you can use a network infrastructure associated with specific signal transmitters and receivers. Click here for more informations about installation options for Displr.
If you opt for a logic of different schedules in the various screens of your venue, you will pay the corresponding amount of another monthly fee for each independent schedule. If the content is the same on all screens, you will never pay more for it!
The Displr Screen Player is able to cache information locally, based on the last content that was previously displayed on your screens, and continue to work as if nothing happened. This is not applicable to videos, due to YouTube restrictions.
Our support team is available to help venues overcoming any issues and making the most of their Displr experiences. You can contact us by mail (suporte@displr.com).
In the event of any issue with your Displr Screen, either noticed by you or reported by our systems, there are some steps you can follow to try to quickly solve the problem.

Check if your Screen Player hardware is running and has a working Internet connection.
Log in to the Displr site and check whether your Spot has content available to be displayed; if there is no content eligible to be displayed (for example, due to temporal restrictions), turn some content on.
Reboot your Screen Player hardware.
If the issue is not resolved with the steps above, please contact Support.


The Displr software supports a wide range of different content sources, very easy to set up and presented through attractive layouts.

Simple texts
Images and Gifs
Photo Albums
Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
Feed RSS and Media RSS
Google Drive
Polls… and much more!
Of course. And without any additional effort! These screens only have to be associated with the same Displr spot.
Anywhere in the world! As an administrator, you just have to access your profile and insert the contents that you want. Everything will be updated immediately and from that moment it will be available for the guests who are in your venue.
Video presentation requires first a Google Drive integration that you set up in your Spot or Organization. Using then the Displr-specific Google Drive folder, you can upload videos in the following formats: MP4 (H.264), WebM and Ogg. You must finally ensure that your Players allocate enough disk storage to accomodate your videos, limited to a maximum total of 5 GB.


One of the Displr main purposes is to provide the maximum of interesting content with minimum management effort. So, we offer a wide list of channels with fresh and constantly updated information. As the permissions implemented at your venue, your community could also contribute with their favorite channels.
You may invite as many administrators as you like to your venue, using your Spot's administration dashboard.
With a trial organization you can do pretty much everything like a Displr client can, with the exception of pairing a Screen, that means you won't be able to reproduce content on your screens or interact with your spot using the mobile app.

Mobile Application

The Displr mobile app is available for Android and iOS. The users can download the mobile app for free on the Play Store (Android) or on the iTunes (iOS).
The Displr mobile app allows two different types of interaction:

From screens to guests: visitors could use their mobile devices to view the content that is passed on the screens in real time, click on the items for more information, save them or even comment them.

From guests to screens: when they are checked-in at a Displr spot, guests could influence a small part of the screen schedule with their own interests and see what they like at the place they are in a specific moment.
With the Displr mobile app, guests could have access to the published information on your screens until a maximum distance of 20 kms around your venue. This limit does not applies to members of your Spot's Community.