Becoming a partner

Distribution Partners

Distribution partners work directly with the end-customers in the definition and implementation of a complete solution based on the Displr platform. They complement the service offered by the platform with the professional support that many of our customers may need when setting up their displays.

Media Agencies
Media agencies and other communication partners may play a key role in assisting end-customers with the definition of their media strategy and its instantiation to the public displays. These partners may also work with Displr in the definition and promotion of specific display communication concepts for multi-client large-scale networks.
A/V Integrators
We do not sell any hardware and we know many of our customers do not have the expertise or the will to set-up their own technical infrastructure. A/V integrators, IT support companies, or individual professionals with IT integration skills may offer the local professional support that our customers may need to select, acquire, deploy and set-up their screens.

If you want to be part of this business community, please ask us about our partnership programs and we can discuss the best ways to accomplish greater things together.