Getting Started

What do I need to start using Displr?

User account

Start by creating a Displr user account. Register with a Displr account or use an existing Facebook or Google account to login without having to memorize another password. From here you will be able to check-in to nearby Displr spots and interact with local content and services.


If you want to go further and have your own Displr spot, then start by choosing a name for your organization. From here, you can explore all the platform features at your own pace, without any charges or commitment.

Spot creation

Now that you’ve chosen a name for your organization, you can finally create your first spot. Start by defining a name, a profile image or a logo that represents your spot and done… spot created!

At your own pace, you could customize you spot profile, add your social networks and other content sources or even choose channels of our network. Take the opportunity to preview all content too, as it will appear on your Displr screens.

When you decide that Displr finally meets your communication requirements, please upgrade your organization. You just have to choose the plan that best fits your needs and let us know your decision. You will be contacted as soon as possible!


Before installing the Displr software – available for Windows and Linux – please make sure that you have the necessary material to start using the platform as soon as possible. Displr only uses non-specialized hardware that you can buy at any computer store near you.


It’s the most visible element of your spot and will display the content you choose to share with your audience. You can opt for any LCD, LED or Plasma screen.


It’s the computer that transmits your spot content to one or more Displr screens.


It’s the link between the screen and the player of your Displr spot. Please make sure that the chosen screen supports HDMI/VGA/DVI.


Displr requires Internet connection (wired or wireless) in order to maintain the content of your pages and social networks updated.

For more specifications about the required material to install Displr or other installation scenarios, please check our frequently asked questions. You can also contact our team for more information.

Mobile app

The content published on the screens of your spot can be followed through the Displr mobile app, free for Android and iOS.

With the Displr mobile app, your visitors can follow the latest news of your spot, interact with the published information, choose channels, comment publications, vote in polls and much more!