Displr Concept

A new communication concept

Displr is the most effective way to create engaging digital experiences at your venue. You get a unique display concept that can be tailored to your specific needs and runs with minimal management effort.

From administrators to screens

Build the communication channel of your spot with your guests.

From screens to guests

Your guests can follow and interact with the screen's contents through their smartphones.

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Solutions for your needs

Find out how Displr is being used to serve the communication needs of venues like yours!


Engage your educational community and challenge them to share their own content.

Coffee Houses

Promote sales and surprise your customers with unforgettable interactive experiences.

Cultural Spaces

Promote your cultural agenda where it matters the most, your own place.


Announce activities or events among users and encourage their participation.


Communicate easily across the entire campus and engage your academic community.

Training Centers

Come closer of your training community and promote your centre's activities.

City Councils

Communicate easily with your citizens and surprise the visitors

Relevant content. From day one.

Just like when you buy a new mobile phone, a new Displr spot is created with a pre-defined set of common applications that allow the display to become immediately operational and with relevant content. You can then progressively refine and adjust your communication concept according to your needs.

Dynamic content, without effort.

There is already a lot of information out there that can be repurposed as valuable content for your displays. Displr applications are able to autonomously get, present and update content from those sources, creating a dynamic display without the need for continuous intervention from the display owner.

From your screen to the mobile phone of your guests.

With Displr, your displays become an interactive and participative medium. Any media presented on the displays becomes immediately available on the mobile phone of the users currently at the spot. This way, displays gain a new communication meaning by allowing the community to see, create, share, comment, or take away the display content with their mobile phones.

Boost activity around your social web presence.

Social networks are an important channel for strengthening the connection with your community, and your guests should be the first to know about and join your social web. With Displr you can easily create awareness about it and take that special moment to gain new followers.

Build and learn about your community.

Displr is all about making venues important community hubs. By sharing the display with guests, venues create a valuable opportunity for entertainment, community awareness, social co-located experiences and learning about their community. People can post their stories, their photos, or their small announcements, they can vote for polls or they can express their preferences about third-party content. This helps to build a sense of community and affinity to the place and provides users with more relevant interactive experiences, which ultimately helps to promote venue loyalty and content relevance.

Publish anywhere.

Forgot an important message or need to make a quick change to the display? No problem. You can conveniently manage your display from anywhere. You just need to connect to your own spot dashboard on our web site and you will be able to make all the changes you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need some assistance in using the service?

Our support team is available to help venues overcoming any issues and making the most of their Displr experiences. You can contact us by mail, skype and phone.

What do I need to setup my Displr screen?

You will need some type of screen display or projector, a common computer, and an Internet connection. The setup is simple enough to be made by someone with basic technical competences, but you can also request our installation service.

Where can I find Displr?

Displr was launched in Portugal in 2015 and has been growing quickly. There are already many dozens of Displr spots where users of our mobile app can benefit from direct access to the media published on the displays.