Displr Terms of Service

Displr Terms of Service

The utilization of DISPLR Service implies the full and unreserved acceptance of all provisions included in this Terms of Service (“TOS”) document, as well as in the Privacy Policy (“PP”) document. These provisions are applicable to the displr website (www.displr.com) and to the other parts of the service, including displr mobile applications, service API’s, and any other components which may be integrated in the future. As our business evolves, Displr, Lda. (“we”, “us”, “the company”) may need to change this TOS from time to time, such as the PP. So, we recommend the consultation of the valid documents, prior to the Service utilization. By using the Service, you are tacitly accepting the ruling TOS and PP.

Definitions and Scope

This document regulates the utilization, by the User of the Service www.displr.com, provided by Displr, Lda., juridical person number 510712029, registered in the Commercial Registry Office of Braga, based in Centro de Incubação Bicminho, Avenida João XXI, N.º 627, 1.º Andar, 4715-035 Braga.

Legal Capacity

The utilization of this Service is only allowed to people older than 13 years old, with exercise capacity under Portuguese law. Any person, who is resident, domiciled or headquartered in other countries outside of Portugal, should ensure that the access and utilization of the Service and our Website is allowed.


Every intellectual property rights and contents presented on the Website belongs to Displr, Lda. or its licensors. The company grants a limited license to the User, nonexclusive and nontransferable, in order to visualize or impress the content of the Website, exclusively for personal use, and not commercial.


To use all functionalities of the Service, a registry on the Website is needed, in order to provide the personal data that are requested to this step. The utilization of the Website as a registered User can allow the usufruct of many facilities, supplied by the Website and its partners.

The User is entirely responsible for the creation and utilization of their password, which is personal and intransmissible, ensuring the confidentiality of the same. The User commits itself to warn us, within a period of 24 hours, if becomes aware that the confidentiality of the password is at risk.

The User recognizes that Displr, Lda. doesn’t advertise any of the websites for which might exist hyperlinks or any website that might have a hyperlink to Displr, Lda. Website. The company is not responsible for the content of these websites.

The User recognizes that:

  1. Internet is a worldwide web of computers and any information transmitted or sent by the User will be necessarily forwarded by third party computers;
  2. Displr, Lda. is not responsible for fails in the communications security and don’t assume any responsibility by an improper use of information by third-parties. By sending or transmitting information for the Website, the User grants a nonexclusive, worldwide and free license to Displr, Lda., in order to use, reproduce, explore and prepare derivative work of the submitted information.

The transmitted or sent information by the User will not be considered as confidential information. The User will be responsible by the content of the transmitted or sent information for the Website. Any information that might have personal data will be treated according to the law and to the company PP.


In the scope of the Website utilization, the User commits not to:

  1. Use any mechanism, computer programming or other technology in order to interfere or try to interfere with the normal functioning of the Website;
  2. Send or transmit illegal, fraudulent, defamatory or obscene content to the Website;
  3. Send or transmit information with viruses or bugs to the Website;
  4. Publish, represent, distribute or create derivative work, reproduce or use the Website content (excluding the express and previously allowed utilization);
  5. Exhibit any part of the Website content by the utilization of framing hyperlinks or other technology, without the express and written authorization of Displr, Lda.;
  6. Send or transmit information that infringes the intellectual property rights of third-parties;
  7. Develop any activity that overcharges the Website structures.

Alteration/Cancelation of the Service and Website

Displr, Lda. can, at any time, without justification or prior notice, finish, restrict, suspend or revoke the User access to a part or to the whole Service, if considers that the Service is being used in an inappropriately way, or if the TOS are being infringed.

Personal Data

The User ensures that all personal data/information supplied to Displr, Lda. is true and updated. The User is the only responsible for any false or incorrect provided statements and for the losses that this may cause, directly or indirectly, to us or any of the company partners. The User can consult, change or delete the personal data that was provided to Displr, Lda., using the personal area for this purpose, as foreseen in the TOS. We could manage the personal data of the User for marketing purposes, if consented. Displr, Lda. is committed to not communicate the personal data of the User to third-parties, without previous authorization.


The User recognizes that the access and utilization of the Website may suffer interruptions and that the information on the Website may contain bugs, errors, technical failures, problems or other limitations. Furthermore, the access to the Website could be temporarily impossible. Displr, Lda. is not responsible for any damages caused by the utilization of the Website. In the maximum extent permitted by law, the company excludes any responsibility by the utilization of the Service.

Law and Jurisdiction

These TOS are applied to the Portuguese Law. For any litigation that may occur between the User and the Displr, Lda. company, the courts of the judicial district of Braga will be the exclusively competent entities.

Contact Displr, Lda.

In order to contact Displr, Lda. about the content of the presented TOS or for any other reason that seems appropriate, please use the following address:

Displr, Lda
Centro de Incubação Bicminho
Avenida João XXI, N.º 627, 1.º Andar
4715-035 Braga